When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Corky Siegel “Corky Siegel”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#27 in the Series) is Corky Siegel’s self titled album, “Corky Siegel.”

Corky was better known for his work with picker Jim Schwall in the Chicago based blues act, Siegel-Schwall Band. But I was always partial to this solo release.

Corky used to do tons of solo shows around Chicago in the late 70’s. That’s when I got to really know most of this material.

The best known track here is ‘Half Asleep At The Wheel.’ Other highlights included ‘Am I Wrong About You,’ and ‘Mornin’ Corn.’

Rollow Radford from Siegel-Schwall played on this solo disc as well.

This is long out of print. But this and the follow up release called ‘Out Of The Blue’ have been released as a compilation. It’s called ‘Solo Flight.’

Some highlights from ‘Out of the Blue’ where more Corky classics like ‘Idhao Potato Man, Goodbye California’ and’ Southwest Coast Blues.’


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