When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

J. Geils Band “Live: Full House”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is J.Geils Band, “Live. Full House”

If you went to a party any time during the mid to late 70’s, there’s a very good chance that you heard The J. Geils Band’s “Full House” Album somewhere in the mix. Well, if you went to the right parties, that is!

“Full House” was released in 1972. This was three or four years before the big boom on live releases hit the music scene. Everyone had one later. But that was not true in 1972.

There are so many hot tracks here. ‘First I look at the Purse’ was a great show opener. And who didn’t think about learning to play harp after listening to Magic Dick’ classic, ‘Whammer Jammer.’

Peter Wolf, Seth Justman, and J. Geils, etc. got it right on this one.

As a side note, the new Peter Wolf album ‘Fools Parade’ is quite good and highly recommended.


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