When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Stan Ridgway “The Big Heat”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Stan Ridgway’s, “The Big Heat.”

OK, How many of you know this one?

If you haven’t heard it, get it!

Stan is possibly better known as the ex front man for Wall Of Voodoo. (Mexican Radio) But this is the album that I think of when I think Stan Ridgway.

The thing that jumped out at me about this album was the great storytelling. Many of the songs are wonderful short stories.

So not only do you get some great Rock and Roll with great musicianship but it takes you to places that most albums don’t touch.

I’m thinking of mainly ‘Campouflage, Salesman’ and of course, ‘Drive She Said.’

While doing some looking to write this piece I’ve noticed that there is a re-release with some live tracks and unreleased goodies.

I’m going to add a link with the video for ‘Drive She Said.’ Give it a listen. It’s a great representation of what much of the album sounds like.


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