When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Old & In The Way “Old & In The Way”

Today’s Cool Album of the Days (#5 in the series. Yup, I just started this) is the self titles album by “Old and In The Way.”

Five great musicians getting together for some great pickin’ and singin.’ I guess you could call it bluegrass but there’s more than a hint of old fashioned mountain music thrown in.

For those of you not familiar with this project, “Old and In the Way” were Peter Rowan (guitar, vocals), David Grisman (mandolin, vocals), John Kahn(bass), Vassar Clements (fiddle) and Jerry Garcia (banjo, vocals.)

Can I name a stand out cut. No, not really since EVERY track is a must listen. There’s no filler on this classic. This live album was recorded and released in October, 1973.

There’s an interesting story
on how I first heard about this album. It was 1974. My sister and I
took a ride to the great Hegewish Records in Calumet City Illinois.

She went to pick up the Dead’s “From The Mars Hotel” album. When she proceded to check out, Joe the owner, seeing her purchase and then figuring she liked the Dead, gave her some promo 45s that were all Grateful Dead related. I remember it clearly to this day. They were in nice picture sleeve jackets. They were Robert Hunter’s Tiger Rose, a Keith and Donna Godchaux promo, Ned Lagin andPhil Lesh’s Seastones and then of course, Old and In the Way. How cool would it be to have those now!

I didn’t know much about bluegrass nor The Grateful Dead at the time.
I quickly became a fan of both.


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