When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Joe Jackson “Big World”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Joe Jackson’s “Big World.”

One thing that I’ve always noticed is that my favorite albums by an
artist are often tied in with a tour that I may have seen. That rings
true with Joe Jackson’s big World. I was lucky enough to have seen this
tour at Popular Creek Theater in northwest suburban Chicago.

Some of the highlights on Big World include Wild West, Home Town, (It’s a) Big World, The Jet Set and Right or Wrong.

A couple interesting notes on this album. For one, it was a digitally recorded album that was done in full song takes in front of a live studio audience. A few hundered people were invited to sit in silence and watch the proceedings. They were asked not to make a sound until well long after a song was completed.

The other odd thing was that this was originally released as a double disc, but only three sides had music on them! The fourth side stated that there was ‘No Music On This Side.’ If you dropped your needle on that side the track it moved quickly to the center spindle.

There is a DVD release of this tour. I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s called Joe Jackson, Live in Tokyo. Get it!


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