When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Dire Straits “Dire Straits”

Today’s Cool album of the Day is the Dire Straits debut album, “Dire Straits.”

Do you remember the first time you heard this album? The very first time you heard it? You just might. Why, because you KNEW this was something special. You KNEW, this was one of those bands that was going to be around for a long time. You KNEW they were going to be making special music for a long time. That was in 1978.

You were right. If not Dire Straits, but leader Mark Knopfler is still releasing viable, relevant music 32 years later.

The first song I heard was the single, ‘Sultans of Swing.’ Funny enough, The very first time I heard it I was wondering if Bob Dylan had something to do with it! Bob was just off the rockin’ live ‘Hard Rain’ album so who knew?

Then of course I heard about this Knopfler cat and I bought the lp. From the first notes of ‘Down to the Waterline’ through ‘Setting Me Up’ through ‘Six Blade Knife’ then a long version of ‘Sultans’ and on.

Yes, you knew it was different, you knew it was special, you knew it would be around.
And you were right.

And if you live in Chicago, he’s in town tonight.

Today’s Cool Album of the Day, “Dire Straits.”

Here’s a 1979 live version of ‘Waterline’ from the superb German TV Series ‘Rockpalast.’


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