When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

XTC “English Settlement”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is XTC’s, “English Settlement.”

I was trying to decide which XTC album to appoint. I’ve decided to go with “English Settlement.” I usually don’t like feature the most popular release by an artist. And I’m not even sure that this is their most popular, but I’m running with it.

“English Settlement” is XTC’s fifth studio release. The year was 1982. (What a great period for music. I think this might be about the fifth time I’ve chosen something from that year.)

As usual, everything was written by the great Andy Partridge. Not one track stood out from the rest for me. This is one of those discs that just spits ‘em at you. Boom! Band! Pow! Classics like ‘Senses Working Overtime, Jason and the Argonuats, No Thugs in Our House’ and ‘Melt the Guns.’

Where XTC are power pop band? Where they a prog-rock band? What are your thoughts about this or other XTC releases?

Pull out your music, grab “English Settlement” are give it a spin. It’s “Today’s Cool Album of the Day.” When you’re done with this one, then give “Oranges and Lemons” a listen


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