When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

The Outlaws “Lady in Waiting”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is The Outlaws’,”Lady In Waiting.”

Back to my country-rock roots once more.  I was a big fan of the early Outlaws.  I loved the first three albums and then the live release.  Then I fell away.  I remember seeing them on this tour at the Chicago Stadium.  It was Bad Company, The Outlaws and Rockpile. I can’t remember who played first between the Outlaws and Rockpile.

I do remember watching an undercover cop bust a guy for selling him something in a little packet in the bathroom.  The things you remember when you’re a teen!

This album didn’t have any of their huge hits on it.  But I liked the earlier stuff since it tended to lean a little more towards harmonies, melodies and a little acoustic as opposed to the straight southern rock that followed later in their careers.

‘Breaker-Breaker’ and ‘South Carolina’ open the disc.  Two killers.  Also on side one are great tracks ‘Freeborn Man’ and the strong country of ‘Girl From Ohio.’

Side two includes more strong cuts such as ‘Loverboy, Prisoner,’ and the longtime gig opener, ‘Stick Around For Rock and Roll.’

We’ve lost most of these guys.  Hughie Thomasson, Frank O’Keefe and Billy Jones are gone.  However, Henry Paul and Monte Yoho have continued the band.  I got a wonderful review of a show they did in Chicago a year ago. (Beverly Art Center)

Here’s ‘South Carolina’


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