When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Brian Setzer “The Knife Feels Like Justice”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#75 in The Series) is Brian Setzer’s, The Knife Feels Like Justice.

Earlier we featured the forgotten Steve Winwood album. Now we feature a long forgotten, Brian Setzer album.

This album just never got it’s due. It was NOT Stray Cats. And it’s not the Brian Setzer Orchestra. It was released between the two and has it’s own unique sound.

I guess if I had to tell you what it sounds like I guess I would go with ‘Americana.’ I’ve seen ‘Roots Rock’ in some reviews. Like we’ve discussed before, we hate to pigeon hole. But I’m trying to describe it to those that never heard it.

This 1986 release was produced by Don Gehman. Some other works that Don has produced include REM’s –Life’s Rich Pageant, all the early Mellancamp stuff, Steven Stills – Illegal Stills, Stills Young Band – Long May You Run

Brian also pulled out the big names to play on this one. Mike Campbell – 12 string guitar, Chuck Levell – keyboards, Steve Jordan – drums, Ben Tench – Organ, Kenny Aaronson – bass.

One of the stated goals in this Facebook group is to turn people on to something they didn’t know. That’s exactly the case here.

Don’t be scared away from this if you’re not a Brian Setzer fan. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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