When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Hounds “Unleashed”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Hounds, “Unleashed.”

Well, I’ve been holding off featuring albums by friends but I figured what the heck. So today we’re going to run with, from Chicago’s South Suburbs, The Hounds, “Unleashed.”

In the mid-seventies, Friday at 5:00pm on WXRT could only mean the spinning of one song, a tradition that continued for quite a few years. That was the playing of The Hounds, ‘Drugland Weekend.’

I’m not sure how long this tradition continued, but my guess would be from about ‘76 thru ’78.

Interesting enough, it wasn’t the version from ‘Unleashed’ that ‘XRT used to play.

It was a demo that was used to show their chops. It helped grab them a two album deal with Columbia Records.

Lead dog in The Hounds was keyboard, vocalist John Hunter. John later had a solo top 40 hit with the song ‘Tragedy’ in 1984.

Jim Orkis and Glen Richard Rupp handled the guitars, Joe Cuttone, bass and John Horvath, drums.

Some other great tracks on ‘Unleashed’ included ‘Alley of Love, When The Boppers Turn to Rockers’ and ‘Bad Blood Between Us.’ Actually, they’re all pretty good.

Really good stuff here folks.


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