When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Starcastle “Starcastle”

Today’s “Cool Album of the Day” is the debut, self titled album by, “Starcastle.”

Starcastle was a prog-rock band mostly based out of Champaign, Illinois. Their stylings leaned heavily towards the sound of ‘Yes.’ If you’re a fan of ‘Yes,’ you should check out this album. I think you’d like it.

This was released in 1976 on Epic Records. I’m not sure if their impact reached much out of the Midwest. They did get a little more of a bump nationally with their 2nd and 3rd albums ‘Fountains of Light’ and ‘Citadel.’

‘Starcastle’ contains their epic song, ‘Lady of the Lake.’ 10 minutes in length with a few different chapters. I’ll post a link below. As I mentioned, ‘Yes’ fans, check it out.

Every song is a keeper here. No filler tracks as far as I’m concerned.

Terry Luttrell was Starcastle’s lead vocalist. He was the original lead singer in REO Speedwagon (at least on their albums) but was replaced by Kevin Cronin.

Steve Hagler should also be noted for his guitar work.

“Starcastle” peaked at #95 on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts.


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