When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

N.R.B.Q. “Grooves in Orbit”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day  is NRBQ’s “Grooves in Orbit.”

This one really fits the bill as NRBQ “Grooves in Orbit” is indeed a very ‘cool’ album.
This one finds the worlds greatest bar band at quite possibly their creative peak.
It runs end to end with many tunes that stayed in their live show for years. Decades even.

Side one starts with the perfect, ‘Rain at the Drive In.’ A song about a couple that loves to go to the drive in when it’s raining because it’s easier to get the windows to fog. How can you beat that? Just the fact that it’s about a stinkin’ drive in makes it cool!

One of my other favorites on ‘Grooves in Orbit” is ‘Terry Adams gem, ‘A Girl Like That.” A story about a friend telling his musician buddy that his current girl friend isn’t good enough for him. It contains one of my favorite lines of all time. “She hears all music the same.” Perfect!!!

Other wonderful numbers include Joey Spaminatos’ ‘My Girl Friend’s Pretty,’ and ‘I Like That Girl.’

Also look for a couple classic covers, ’12 Bar Blues’and Johnny Cash’s ‘Get Rhythm’

NRBQ, the must fun you’ll ever have at a live show.

I was looking for a video of one of the great songs on this album but couldn’t really find one. SOOOooo instead I’m going to post ‘Ridin’ in My Car.’ I think this is one of the best songs I’ve ever hear and it’s my blog so why in the hell not!


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