When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Blind Faith “Blind Faith”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is “Blind Faith.”

One of rocks original super groups featuring Cream’s Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker along with Spencer Davis Group and Traffic’s Steve Winwood. Family’s Rick Grech rounded out the roster.

One and done. That was Blind Faith.

But the short, six song run was quite memorable.

If only we could have been given more than just the 42 minutes and 12 seconds that we received.

‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ and ‘Presence of the Lord’ were the two best known songs.

When I was looking at information on this album I learned something new.  One of the songs on the album is a cover of Buddy Holly’s ‘Well All Right’ What I didn’t know was that Rick Grech was in Buddy Holly’s Band, The Crickets for a short time. How ‘bout that!!

Grech was also a fine producer in his own right.  Some of the acts that he’s worked with included, Gram Parsons and EmmyLou Harris.  Rick Grech died of liver failure in 1990.

“Blind Faith” was produced by Jimmy Smith.  Jimmy also produced much of the Rolling Stones Early works including ‘Exile on Main Street, Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers’ and ‘Goats Head Soup.’

“Blind Faith” debut on the Top 200 Billboard Chart at #1.  It also debut at #1 on the UK and Canadian charts.  It also charted on the black charts at #40.

I recently saw that the VH1 Classic channel has been showing an hour piece of their concert in London’s Hyde Park.  I was quite surprised having never seen any live footage. Here’s a couple clips from that show.


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