When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Down Under (and Over)

Tim Finn “Tim Finn”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#120 in the Series) is Tim Finn’s self titled 1989 release.

In that extensive box of goodies that have been created by Neil and Tim Finn, ‘Split Enz, Tim Finn, Crowded House, Neil Finn, Finn Brothers, etc etc, the  ‘Tim Finn’ album just might be my favorite.

Did you ever grab something from the store, played it here and there for a few days and then it grows on you and then you just play it extensively for a long time with out it tiring.

That’s how the Tim Finn album was for me back in 1989.

Every song was on the mark here, as was the band he put together.  I’ve stated this before but why Neil and Tim Finn are not superstars is beyond me!

For this album Tim basically enlisted Peter Gabriel’s band.  Tony Levin on Chapman Stick and bass, Jerry Marotta on drums, David Rhodes on guitar.  The only real addition was Mitchell Froom on keys.  Mitchell also produced the effort.

Tim of course handled all the lead vocals.  I think that’s what always amazed me about him.  His vocals could just soar!

Even thou every song is a keeper, a few hit higher than others.  My favorites included ‘Young Mountain, Not Even Close. How’m I Gonna Sleep, Crescendo’ and ‘Been There, Done That.’

Tim brought this tour to the Park West Theater in Chicago.  I had tix and could not find a soul that wanted to go.  But that didn’t stop me from going.  I was NOT going to miss this show.  So I make my way to the general admission little club and being solo that night, I find an empty seat right in front of the stage!!!  Thanks everyone for not wanting to go with along.

I’m sitting there and he takes the stage and he’s got Peter Gabriel’s band with him on tour as well!!  This was before the internet and you really didn’t know those things in advance.  Heck, now you can know the band, the set list etc. all before you get to a show.  But you didn’t back then.  So I was really pleasantly surprised.

He started the show and performed the album in it’s entirety. You see that now with well-known albums but for something still new, well that’s another thing that wasn’t/isn’t done that often.

He also did a few Split Enz classics that night.  It truly was one of my favorite concert nights I ever had.

Here’s the promo video for ‘How’m I Gonna Sleep’  followed by an unplugged version of ‘Not Even Close’ of Tim playing with Crowded House.  He, of course would join Crowded House for two album shortly after this recording.  One thing J.C. Hartsfield taught me years ago.  He said ‘ The most perfect vocal harmony you could ever have is with yourself.  The second best, is with your brother.’

Split Enz “Time and Tide.”

Today’s Cool Album of The Day is Split Enz, “Time and Tide.”

It never ceases to amaze me that Split Enz, nor the follow up band Crowded House has never hit it big here in the States. What the heck are our radio station music directors thinking?

“Time and Tide” had many, many AOR friendly tracks.

‘Dirty Creature, Giant Heartbeat, Never Ceases to Amaze Me’ or at least ‘Six Months In a Leaky Boat.’ All those songs could have been prominent on our airwaves!

Another great song is Sandy Allen, at the time the world’s tallest woman. A song written about the bands meeting with her in the green room when they were both appearing on the Tom Snyder Show.

Most of the music here was written by the Finn Brothers, Tim and Neil.

Besides the brothers, other members of the band included. The great Eddie Raynor on keys. Nigel Griggs on bass, and Noel Crombie on drums.

The 1982 release was produced by Hugh Padgham and the band members. Hugh has done some great work from everyone from Genesis, XTC, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Yes and Frank Zappa etc. Nice resume dude!

Split Enz, Time and Tide, Today’s Cool Album of The Day.

Crowded House “Woodface”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Crowded House’s. “Woodface.”

It’s hard to believe that the House has now been Crowded for 25 years. Woodface marked the addiction of Tim Finn to brother Neil Finn’s New Zealand band. Flawless harmonies and flawless melodies. This was my favorite album of 1991.

‘It’s only Natural’ garnered the most airplay. That and ‘The Weather With You, Four Seasons in One Day, Whispers and Moans’ are all spectacular.

Tim didn’t stay with the band too long. After hearing this, I wish he would have.