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Rolling Stone Mag releases THEIR Top Ten Beatle Songs.

Rolling Stone Magazine releases THEIR Top Ten Beatle Songs.

Rolling Stone magazine has given us what they feel are the top ten Beatles songs.  They will be featured in an upcoming collectors issue that will take the list all the way to 100 .\

UPDATE FROM EARLIER POST:  I just received my latest issue in the mail today. (Roger Waters on cover) I guess the main idea is that it’s the ‘Story Behind Each Top 100 Song.’   That might be a great read.

Here they are in reverse order.  Your thoughts are most welcomed.  My thoughts? It’s an impossible task and a quick publicity grab.  How can it possibly be done?  And even why?   But just for fun. In the importal words of Peter Marshall…      Heeeeerrrreee they are!!!

10> While My Guitar Gently Weeps

9> Come Together

8> Let It Be

7> Hey Jude

6> Something

5> In My Life

4> Yesterday

3> Strawberry Fields Forever

2> I Want to Hold Your Hand

1> A Day in a Life

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