When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

Santana Ties Rolling Stones Record With New Album

From WXRT.com

By Tom Marker

With the release of the new album the week before last, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time, Carlos Santana and the bands that he has led have tied a record set by the Rolling Stones. Santana and the Stones are the only artists or groups that have made it to the top ten of the albums charts in each decade from the 60′s through the 10′s.

We’ll see how long the album stays toward the top of the charts as the reviews thus far have been weak.  The idea for the album was to have Carlos, one of rock’s greatest guitarists, record some of rock’s biggest guitar oriented hits with a cast of special guests, an idea not too far from the thinking behind Santana’s Supernatural, the  mega-hit album of 1999.  Many consider the concept to be better than the resulting album and it might be the concept that’s responsible for the big initial sales numbers.  Then again, maybe not, I seem to recall the critics thinking being a little off from the record buying public’s opinion before.

Every album the Rolling Stones have released since 1964 have peaked in the top ten, many at number one.  The Stone’s album released in the 10′s is the Exile on Main Street re-release.

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