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Paul McCartney “Tug of War”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#140 in the Series) is Paul McCartney, Tug of War.

I had not purchased a new Paul McCartney album in years when Tug of War was released in 1982. I hadn’t even thought about it.  Then my friend Phil Lucafo asked me if I heard the new McCartney album.  He highly recommended it.  So on his suggestion, I grabbed it.

I’m glad he did.  This was some of the best music that Paul had done in many moons.

It was produced by former George Martin and it appears that he added nice motivation.

I was just looking back.  Rolling Stone gave it 5 starts, Allmusic gave it 4.5.  So it looks like many agreed.

Highlight, well there’s the title cut, Ballroom Dancing, Take It Away (with Ringo Starr on drums), the great ballad Someone Who Cares and of course Paul’s tribute to John Lennon, Here Today.

There’s also a duet with Carl Perkins called Get It.

Tug of War featured Denny Laine on guitar, Steve Gadd on drums, Andy MacKay on lyricon and Stanley Clarke on drums.

It was #1 on the Billboard Album charts for three weeks,

It received a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.

XTC “English Settlement”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is XTC’s, “English Settlement.”

I was trying to decide which XTC album to appoint. I’ve decided to go with “English Settlement.” I usually don’t like feature the most popular release by an artist. And I’m not even sure that this is their most popular, but I’m running with it.

“English Settlement” is XTC’s fifth studio release. The year was 1982. (What a great period for music. I think this might be about the fifth time I’ve chosen something from that year.)

As usual, everything was written by the great Andy Partridge. Not one track stood out from the rest for me. This is one of those discs that just spits ‘em at you. Boom! Band! Pow! Classics like ‘Senses Working Overtime, Jason and the Argonuats, No Thugs in Our House’ and ‘Melt the Guns.’

Where XTC are power pop band? Where they a prog-rock band? What are your thoughts about this or other XTC releases?

Pull out your music, grab “English Settlement” are give it a spin. It’s “Today’s Cool Album of the Day.” When you’re done with this one, then give “Oranges and Lemons” a listen

Roxy Music “Avalon”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is the 1982 Roxy Music album, “Avalon.”

You have to wonder what American music buyers are thinking when this album peaks at #53 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. Yikes.Not as on the edge of progressive rock as some of their earlier releases.

This album had more of a lush,… personal sound.

Feature the great vocals of Bryan Ferry, guitar of Phil Manzanera, drums by
Andy Newmark (with a little help from Rick Marotta), sax of Andy

Some fantasic backing vocals on the title track Avalon by Yanick Etienne.

Other outstanding tracks include the title cut, ‘More Than This, The Main Thing’ and “While My Heart is Still Beating.’