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Mandy Moore “Coverage”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#117 in the Series) is Mandy Moore, “Coverage.”

I told you I’d pull out some weird things on this blog. Well I bet this one really blows your mind!

Before I start, I want to express my sympathy to the family of Michael Been. Wednesday I featured Michael’s Band, The Call. The next day he passes away. Too weird.

Back to Ms. Moore. I bet your saying ‘What the ^%$( is he smoking!’ But take a look at this album. It’s an album full of cover tunes. (How many of those have we seen the past few years?) But what makes this one interesting is the song list that she chooses.

Her performance of these songs was quite good. Some not so much but others were pretty solid.

But let’s look at the songs. I was shocked when I saw this list. She really choose some of the best tunes of the 70s + 80s.

First up is XTC’s ‘Senses Working Overtime.’ Not a bad place to start. Good version too. Second song is The Waterboy’s ‘The Whole of the Moon. You got to be kidding me. What a choice!! I hope Mike Scott got to cash a check on that one.

Song Three, Todd Rundgren’s ‘Can We Still Be Friends.’ Four is Carole King’s ‘I Feel The Earth Move.’

Song Five is Elton’s ‘Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.’ Six, A great version of Joan Armatrading’s ‘Drop The Pilot.’

Song Seven. Cat Steven’s ‘Moonshadow’. The rest of the album includes things like Joe Jackson’s ‘Breaking Us In Two’ Joni Mitchell’s ‘Help Me’ and John Hiatt’s ‘Have a Little Faith in Me.’

I’m not expecting anyone to run out and but this. But I just felt that the I’d mention this album because the song list just shocked the hell out of me. I thought you might get a kick out of hearing about it. I think it’s pretty ‘Cool!’

Coverage was released in 2003 and hit #14 on the Billboard Hop 200 album charts.

Blood, Sweat and Tears “3”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Blood, Sweat and Tears, “3”

In many ways, this album had more to do with long love affair with music, than any other album ever released.

When I was a wee lad, my sister gave me copy of this. It was actually on cassette. It was right when those lovely pre-recorded cassettes first hit the market. I had a player and played it over and over and over. I even remember starting and stopping the songs over and over so I could write out the lyrics.

I was hooked. I had to get more of these!

Blood, Sweat and Tears “3” contained some of the bands most well known tunes. From the opening of ‘Hi-De-Ho’ to the ending of ’40,000 Headman,’ it was full of great music.

Before I right these out, I often look for info on these albums. When I did this research, I was surprised to find out that Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote ‘Hi-De-Ho.’ I never knew that!

Besides Hi-De-Ho and Winwood, Capaldi’s, 40,000 Headmen, there were a few other great tracks. They also covered ‘ James Taylors ‘Fire and Rain.’

But the most interesting track, not to be missed is a very different reworking of Jagger and Richards Classic, “Sympathy For The Devil.” If you haven’t heard this one, you have to check it out!

I had never seen BST in concert. Then in 1994 they played Chicago Ridge Fest. I wasn’t expecting much from a typical summer neighborhood fest, but was I surprised! David Clayton Thomas never sounded better! And he bought many of the old timers with him.

I found out afterwards, that they had used this show as a warm up for a bigger show that was scheduled a few weeks later. The 25th anniversary of Woodstock.