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Chicago “VII”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Chicago’s, “Chicago VII.”

Far from their most popular release, but one I just loved from the day it was released until now. A double album, side one was almost exclusively semi-free from jazz.

Side Two begins with three great Robert Lamm tunes and concludes with Peter Cetera’s single, ‘Happy Man.’

Side Three opens with a couple James Pankow tracks. The first was released as a single, “(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long.” which also features some great harmony vocals by The Beach Boys.
Next up are two great pieces by the late, great Terry Kath, ‘Song of the Evergreens’ and ‘Bylbos.’ Bylbos features Kath on vocal as well.

We get back to back singles on Side Four. Cetera’s ‘Wishin’ You Were Here,’ which also features some great harmony vocals by The Beach Boys and Lee Loughnane’s ‘Call On Me.’

I loved the diverse sound of these discs. Some wild instrumental jazz to some great pop singles. The first few releases were produced with a great leather tooled album jacket. You just don’t get those kinda goodies in CDs!

Styx “Styx”

Today’s Cool Album of the Dayis the debut album by “Styx.”

This release was such a HUGE deal for my friends and I. Not that it was anything ground breaking or musically more significant than other releases. This was a huge deal for mainly one reason. Styx were local lads. They were from the neighborhood, from the Parish. It was a big deal to guy that used to play ‘guitar masses’ at your church actually release something that you could toss on your turntable.

The album started with a suite called ‘Movement For the Common Man.’ It contained a small part of Aaron Copeland’s ‘Fanfare for a Common Man’ but was mainly remembered for a section where they interviewed people on the street and placed some of their comments about young people into the songs. Usually with not the intended humor!