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Bonnie Raitt “Nick of Time”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#160 in the Series) is Bonnie Raitt, Nick of Time.

In 1988, Bonnie Raitt was one of many performers that would continuously pound out good release after good release but never really popped!  We’ve seen a ton of these acts. ‘Boy is she good. I’m surprised that she’s not better known.’  There was the odd Me and the Boys or Angel From Montgomery, but the lady from California still wasn’t a household name.  Heck she wasn’t as well-known as her stage star father John Raitt.

Then she met Don Was.  Don was a producer that had done well with the great band Was (Not Was) and had produced a few other acts as well.  Be his career was quite a bit like Bonnie’s. Ok, but not spectacular.

They met when Don was putting together a compilation of Disney songs for an album. The session went well and Raitt and Was decided to continue in to another project that would become, Nick of Time. It was if the title track decribed both of their feeling about meeting the other at this point in their careers.

Nick of Time ended up selling 5 million copies and garnered Ms. Raitt three Grammy Awards.  It was ranked #229 on Rolling Stone Magazines Top 500 Albums of All Time.  It won Grammy’s for Album of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

The biggest hit on Top 40 radio was Have a Heart. The biggest hit on rock radio was John Hiatt’s Thing Called Love.  The best song on the album was the title cut, Nick of Time.

Guest artists a plenty were on the album. To name some, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Sweet Pea Atkinson and Sir Harry Bowens from Was (Not Was), Paulinho Da Costa, Ricky Fataar, Herbie Hancock and Kim Wilson.

Don Was continued to produce Bonnie on her next album, Luck of the Draw. It sold seven million copies.

Here’s some Bonnie Videos. Nick of Time, Have a Heart and lastly a live version of Thing Called Love from an old Farm Aid show complete with John Hiatt!

Was (Not Was) “What Up, Dog?”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Was (Not Was’), “What Up, Dog”

Have you heard this one? I’m guessing many of you have not. Well, you may have heard one of the singles, ‘Walk the Dinosaur’ or ‘Spy In the House of Love,’ but like many great albums, the singles don’t tell the story.

Was (Not Was) is the brainchild of Don Was and David Was. Two outstanding producers/musicians.
Don Was has done many things you’ve heard. From the great Bonnie Raitt album, ‘Nick of Time’ to The Rolling Stones.

The majority of this album is a hard funk/ jazz sound, with a couple great ballads tossed in. The band’s sense of humor also is shown on almost every song.

For instance, guest vocal appearances are made by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Jr., and on other albums even Mel Torme!

I really suggest you grabbing this one. This is on that you can play often. The musicianship is unbelievable.

If this group influences anything that you buy, I’d suggest this one first.

Here’s hot live version of ‘Spy in the House of Love.’