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Rosanne Cash “Rhythm and Romance”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#122 in the Series) is Rosanne Cash, “Rhythm and Romance.”

“Rhythm and Romance” is one of my absolute favorite albums of all time.   I of course knew about Rosanne Cash before this album but had never really known much about her music.  This changed all of that.  My respect for her and her music is as high as for any other musician of which I know.

This album did quite well on the country charts. But it was probably the least country sounding album she had done to that point.  She definitely did not have a country band on this one.

Her band included Toto’s David Hungate on bass, Willie Weeks on bass, CBS Orchestra’s Anton Fig on drums, Heartbreaker Benmont Tench on keyboards and everybody’s Waddy Wachtel on guitars.

The 1985 production was mainly written by Rosanne herself.  She did get a little help from Vince Gill on ‘Never Alone.’

She also included two songs written by others.  Ben Tench and Tom Petty wrote ‘Never Be You’ while John Hiatt wrote the rocking ‘Pink Bedroom.’  Then husband Rodney Crowell co-wrote with her one of the best songs here, ‘I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me.’

Rosanne wrote the remaining six tracks.  Best of that bunch included ‘Hold On, Second to No One’ and ‘My Old Man.’ He of course was Johnny Cash.

If you’ve never owned a Rosanne Cash album is indeed a great place to start.  There’s not a bad note of music on the disc.  She has a library of great music.  Here follow up, “Kings Record Shop” was a HUGE seller.  “Interiors” and “The Wheel” were a move more into a singer/songwriter type of sound. “The List” was flat out, one of the best albums of 2009.

“Rhythm and Romance” reached #1 on the Billboard Country Charts and #101 on the Top 200 Charts.

‘I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me’ reached #1 on the Billboard Country charts and #16 on the Adult Contemporary Charts.

‘Never Be You’ hit the top of the country charts while ‘Second To No One’ peaked at #5.

‘I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me’ earned Rosanne a “Best Female Country Vocal Performance” Grammy.

Check out the rockin’ Pink Bedroom video followed by a great live version of ‘I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me’ also featuring Rodney Crowell.

Little Village “Little Village”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#114 in the Series) is the only album from “Little Village.”

One album, One tour from a ‘Cool Musicians Super Group.”

Who was ‘Little Village?’ I think many in this group know, but I’ll fill in the names.

This 1992 group included Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner, John Hiatt and Ry Cooder.  How’s that for fire power!

The music was strong.  ‘Take Another Look, Don’t Bug Me When I’m Working, Big Love, The Action, Solar Sex Panel’ and the single ‘Don’t Go Away Mad.’

They only lasted one album and one tour.  They played the Arie Crown Theater here in Chicago.  If  you look around the internet you can find an audio of the show.  It was a hell of a show since they played almost the full album and each member did a tune or two from their solo careers.

‘Little Village’ was produced by the band and peaked at #66 on the Billboard Top 200.

John Hiatt “Slow Turning”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is John Hiatt’s 1988 Classic, “Slow Turning.”

John Hiatt had been known as a singer /songwriter for sometime when he broke thru to more mass recognition with his eight album, 1987’s ‘Bring The Faith.” But it was “Slow Turning” that broke him into a star.

The album feature the Goners as his backup band. The Goners were led by slide guitarist great Sonny Landreth.

Highlights included the title track, Slow Turning, Paper Thin, Tennessee Plates and Georgia Rae.