When Was The Last Time You Played This Album?

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801 “Listen Now”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#143 in the Series) is 801, Listen Now

Some times you have to pull one out that I bet no one has listened to in years!  I’m guessing that’s true for 801.

When was the last time you pulled this one off the shelf?  There even a good chance that you never even heard of this one.

801 is a band put together by Phil Manzanera, Phil is best known as lead guitarist for one of my favorite bands, Roxy Music.

Roxy would take time off now and then and like most bands, many members would work on solo projects.  This was Phil’s

It took two years to record. He started in 1975 and finished in 1977. Oddly enough, while working on putting this together, 801 released a live album in 1976 called Listen Live.

Phil recruited a ton of great players for Listen Now.  When I put this together, I was shocked to see that one of my favorite vocalists Tim Finn!  Who knew!!

Here’s a list of some of the others. Brian Eno, Rhett Davies, Mel Collins, Simon Phillips, Eddie Rayner(!!!!), Eddie Jobson, Lol Crème and Kevin Godley.

The two songs that received the most airplay were the first two tracks on the disc.

Listen Now and Flight 19.


Roxy Music “Avalon”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is the 1982 Roxy Music album, “Avalon.”

You have to wonder what American music buyers are thinking when this album peaks at #53 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. Yikes.Not as on the edge of progressive rock as some of their earlier releases.

This album had more of a lush,… personal sound.

Feature the great vocals of Bryan Ferry, guitar of Phil Manzanera, drums by
Andy Newmark (with a little help from Rick Marotta), sax of Andy

Some fantasic backing vocals on the title track Avalon by Yanick Etienne.

Other outstanding tracks include the title cut, ‘More Than This, The Main Thing’ and “While My Heart is Still Beating.’