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Rockpile “Seconds of Pleasure”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Rockpile’s, Seconds Of Pleasure.

Dave Edmunds (guitar) and Nick Lowe (bass) must have recorded about 6 albums together in the late 70’s or early 80’s. However, this was the only ‘official’ release of the band named they used, Rockpile.

Due to some weird contracts, they never released another official album. So what they did was take turn releasing solo albums. And then they would play on each others release. So one album would be called Nick Lowe, and it would feature Dave Edmunds and the next would be Dave Edmunds, and it would feature Nick Lowe.

Rockpile also included Bill Bremmer on guitar and Terry Williams on drums. Terry Williams went on to play with Dire Straits in later years.

I had a chance to see them play as Rockpile on one of their only tours. I remember it was as an opening act for Bad Company and The Outlaws. It was at the Chicago Stadium. I also remember seeing a guy get busted at that show in the bathroom for selling ‘something’ to an undercover Chicago’s Finest.

Some of the best tracks included…Teacher Teacher, Play That Fast Thing One More Time and I f Sugar Was As Sweet As You.

Look for the extended version of this CD. It includes a great bonus of Edmunds and Lowe covering some Everly Brothers tracks. It includes Take a Message to Mary.

Here’s a smokin’ hot version of ‘Teacher, Teacher.’

I’m following that up with a real treat.  Robert Plant joins Rockpile for a version of ‘Little Sister.’ This was taken from the Concert for Campuchea, 1979.

Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Led Zeppelin’s, “Physical Graffiti.”

A double album, a great double album! I don’t know why, but of all the Zeppelin releases, this one just sounded different. I could never place why, it just had a completely different ‘vibe’ to me.

‘Kashmir’ probably received the most air play here. Possibly ‘Trampled Under Foot.’ My favorites were ‘In My Time of Dying, Night Flight’ and the set opening ‘Custard Pie.’

It’s also interesting that the song ‘Houses of the Holy’ appeared here, and not on the album ‘Houses of the Holy.’

I sure miss buying albums in the long form vinyl format. How can you ever forget sliding this one in and out and watching the windows change. You don’t get that in the CD version!!

If you want to purchase one Led Zeppelin album, I’d get get this one. That’s why it’s today’s “Cool Album of the Day.”