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Novo Combo “Novo Combo”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Novo Combo’s debut, “Novo Combo.”

This is yet another album of the day that you just can’t find any longer. Why more cut-outs aren’t on at least iTunes, I’ll never understand. I can see not printing any issues of some of these great nuggets, but at least toss the master up on a download site and less us buy away!

“Novo Combo” was released in 1981. It was a combination power pop/new wave production. Besides some wonderful music, Novo Combo was mostly known for their drummer, former Santana member, Michael Shrieve. (Think Woodstock and Soul Survivor!)

Pete Hewitt handled guitars and some vocals. He went on to do some work with Billy Joel, Joe Jackson, Carly Simon and Eric Carmen.

Bassist and lead vox were Steven Drees.

Lead guitar? Jack Griffith. He also played with Mick Jagger.

The two most well known songs on the album were ‘Up Periscope’ and ‘City Bound.’

One last thing. If you like early ‘Police’ You’ll like Novo Combo.

Santana “III”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day  is Santana’s, “Santana III”

BY FAR, my favorite Santana album.
This album featured the original Santana band of Carlos on guitar, Michael Shrieve on drums, Dave Brown on bass, Jose ‘Chepito’ Areas on timbales and Michael Catabello on percussion. However, it also was the debut of a 17 year old guitarist named Neal Schon.

This was the first time Carlos recorded with a second guitar player. The results were outstanding, Listen to the ending of the track “Toussaint L’Overture.” Carlos and Neal conclude the songs with a great duel. The story is told that they each recorded their part without the other being present. One would lay down a track, the other would come in later in the day and listen. Then they would lay down an answer, Great stuff!

The best known song on the album is ‘No One To Depend On.’ ‘Everybody’s Everything” was the second single.