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John Prine “Bruised Orange”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#139 in The Series) is John Prine, Bruised Orange.

John Prine’s debut album, called simply John Prine is considered his masterpiece, and rightly so.

It’s quite the feat when you think that he wrote Sam Stone, Illegal Smile, Donald and Lydia, Angel From Montgomery, Paradise, Six O’Clock News, You’re Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore and of course, Hello in There ALL before he was 25.

Looking at that track list you can see why that album is held in such high regard.  I am, however, going to feature Bruised Orange.

I’m not sure why this album was always so high on my list of Prine classics.  Part of it might be that it was new when I got my first guitar and I learned how to play many basic chords strumming to what’s here.

The songs here that I enjoyed attacking and killing on that old Ovation were Fish and Whistle, Aw Heck, Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone and of course, That’s the Way That the World Goes ‘Round.

Some great players made their way to the great Chicago Recording Company studio in 1978 to help with the sound.  Jethro Burns (Homer and Jethro), John Burns (Flyer), Tom Radtke (Bill Quateman), Corky Siegel (Siegel-Schwall), Mike Utley (Coral Reefer Band), Jackson Browne, Bonnie Koloc, and many, many more.

It was produced by Steve Goodman.

It reached #116 on the Billboard Album Charts.

Here’s a great version of That’s the Way That the World Goes Down (aka Happy Enchilada).  By John, at his kitchen table.

I’m following it up with a song not on Bruised Orange, but a great song none the less. It’s just something I want you to hear.  It’s called In Spite of Ourselves.  It’s hilarious!!  Please check it out. It begins with John telling a story about a movie he made where he and Billy Bob Thorton played brothers.  Their father was Andy Griffith. How ’bout that!


Corky Siegel “Corky Siegel”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#27 in the Series) is Corky Siegel’s self titled album, “Corky Siegel.”

Corky was better known for his work with picker Jim Schwall in the Chicago based blues act, Siegel-Schwall Band. But I was always partial to this solo release.

Corky used to do tons of solo shows around Chicago in the late 70’s. That’s when I got to really know most of this material.

The best known track here is ‘Half Asleep At The Wheel.’ Other highlights included ‘Am I Wrong About You,’ and ‘Mornin’ Corn.’

Rollow Radford from Siegel-Schwall played on this solo disc as well.

This is long out of print. But this and the follow up release called ‘Out Of The Blue’ have been released as a compilation. It’s called ‘Solo Flight.’

Some highlights from ‘Out of the Blue’ where more Corky classics like ‘Idhao Potato Man, Goodbye California’ and’ Southwest Coast Blues.’