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Talking Heads “Little Creatures”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#85 in the Series) is Talking Heads’, Little Creatures.”

This one was maybe a little more commercial sounding than the majority of the ‘Heads catalog. But it always rang true with me! I lovesed it!

There are many wonderful tracks here. Two went on to get some major airplay as singles. ‘Road to Nowhere’ and ‘And She Was.’ ‘Stay Up Late’ and ‘The Lady Don’t Mind’ could have been singles as well.

Eric Weissberg and his steel guitar were an interesting addition to the Talking Heads sound here. Maybe that’s why I likesed it so much.

I remember when I was a ‘record schlepper.’ I played the heck out of this in my accounts!

The album was produced by ‘Talking Heads’ and reached #20 on the Billboard USA charts. ‘And She Was’ made it up to #54 on the Billboard singles charts and #11 on the rock charts.

Funkadelic “Maggot Brain”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day  is Funkadelic, “Maggot Brain.”

A little ‘70s hard funk! This was a ground breaking album that combined parts of funk, jazz, soul, rock and roll, you name it.

Funkadelic was led by vocalist George Clinton and keyboard man Bernie Worrell. ( Who later had a stint in Talking Heads.)

It was produced by George Clinton and reached #108 on the Billboard charts.

It was named #486 on Billboards top 500 of all time best albums.